October 24, 2013

Webster v. Bainbridge Island School District – $300,000 Verdict

Tom Vertetis and Liz Calora have won a verdict in a private trial for their client, B.W. against the Bainbridge Island School District for negligence. B.W., then an autistic 14-year-old, was bullied and sexually harassed repeatedly and school administrators ignored concerns from parents and teachers for months, until the police became involved. “This is an important verdict for families with disabled children in the public school system,” said plaintiffs’ lead trial attorney Tom Vertetis. “This sends a clear message that bullying of any children, let alone our most vulnerable children is clearly unacceptable. The criminal trial of one of the perpetrators indicated the victim was bullied over 75 times with separate incidents of harassment.Bainbridge Island School District

  • Settlement: $300,000
Cause Number
  • Kitsap County: 10-2-00346-2
  • Bainbridge Island School District
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