April 4, 2014

Supreme Court Upholds $57M Verdict for Home-Care Workers

Our case against DSHS, Rekhter, et al. v. DSHS, et al. was won at trial in December 2010, with a jury verdict of over $57,000,000.  The State appealed that verdict to the State Supreme Court, and oral arguments were heard in May 2013.  After a long wait, the decision came back from the State’s highest court.  While the Supreme Court overturned an award of pre-judgment interest of over $39M, they upheld the verdict of over $57M and allowed post-judgment interest, bringing the total to over $80M.  The local news media covered the Supreme Court ruling at length.  We’ve linked to the articles below.  Find out more information about the case at our website,

Rekhter v. DSHS News Coverage

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