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Defective products can lead to serious injury and death. Under Washington law, a product may be defective if it lacks adequate warnings or instructions, if it uses a defective design, if it was defectively manufactured, or if it is more dangerous than what an ordinary consumer would expect. Our firm has handled numerous cases involving all of these defects, from an exploding aerosol can, to contaminated propane tanks, to a sausage with a needle hidden inside.

Often, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) or CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) will issue and enforce product recalls for defective or potentially harmful products, foods, or drugs.  These products may have already caused harms and injuries which prompted the recall, or they have some defect which may cause harm, injury, or death.  We’ve all seen examples of these types of products.  On April 4, 2014, the CPSC announced a recall of gas fireplaces and fireplace inserts due to risk of gas leaks and explosions.  There are 22 models of fireplace that are covered under the recall, including those sold under the brand names of Kozy Heat Fireplaces, Ambiance Fireplaces, and Stellar Hearth Products.  The fireplaces with the defect were manufactured in the US between October 2009 and April 2013 and sold in the United States and Canada.  If you’ve been injured or have had property damage due to a fire or explosion caused by a defective product, you should contact an attorney to protect your rights.  We recently obtained a $5,375,000 settlement for a victim of serious burns caused by gel-based cooking fuel, EcoGel.

Defective Products Cause Serious Injury

The following recoveries represent product liability claims our attorneys have successfully resolved:

  • Recovered a  $5,375,000 settlement for a victim of serious burns caused by EcoGel gel-based cooking fuel.
  • Recovered a $750,000 settlement for the victims of propane tanks that were contaminated with Freon gas.
  • Recovered a $480,000 settlement for the victims of an exploding aerosol can.
  • Recovered a confidential settlement for a consumer who ate a sausage that contained a sewing needle.
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