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Landslides and Mudslides

Case Experience

In recent years, a longstanding history of cutting timber on or near steep, unstable slopes has begun to cause mudslides and landslides of increasing devastation.  These risky timber cutting practices are driven by money and rubber stamped by the State Department of Natural Resources (“DNR”).


PCVA has fought several lawsuits against both DNR and giant timber companies, including the likes of Weyerhaeuser, Manke Lumber Company, and Green Diamond Resource Company.  These cases are hard fought by top lawyers spending tremendous resources to defend a longstanding tradition of risky timber cutting.  But at PCVA, our tenacious attorneys respond in kind with equal vigor and tireless work.

Timber Practices Experts

Over the years, PCVA has developed relationships with top experts who are willing to testify against the status quo of risky timber.  In working closely with these experts, PCVA has learned the ins and outs of the industry and knows how to effectively respond to Big Timber’s onslaught of attorneys.

As in all of our work, the tragedies cannot be undone and only monetary awards are available.  No matter how badly we wish to set back the clock, we cannot.  The only silver lining to a lawsuit is that, often times, a monetary judgment and bad press is the Achilles’ Heel of defendants driven by monetary gain.

PCVA is committed to seeking justice.  We have extensive trial experience and track record of winning large verdicts and settlements.  Let us fight for you.

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