April 23, 2010

Ranch House Barbeque v Department of Natural Resources – $800,000 settlement for landslide damage

A December 2007 storm in Western Washington caused a landslide which demolished a local restaurant, the award-winning Ranch House BBQ.  The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) allowed massive clear cutting, causing the landslide that destroyed Ranch House.  Darrell Cochran is a Tacoma attorney that handles cases involving damage from flooding, landslides and clear cutting.  The Ranch House BBQ case resembles the catastrophic disaster that occurred in March 2014 in the small town of Oso, WA, in Snohomish County, but on a much more isolated scale.  There was no loss of life in the Ranch House BBQ case, unlike in Oso.  Contact an attorney today for a free case evaluation to see if you may have a wrongful death or property damage lawsuit due to a mudslide or landslide that caused catastrophic damage.

Ranch House BBQ was demolished in a 2007 landslide in Olympia, WA

  • Settlement: $800,000
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